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Offline Reading

Read Low-tech Magazine no matter the weather, with no access to a computer, a power supply, or the internet.

Image: Low-tech Magazine: Hardcover series.
Image: Low-tech Magazine: Hardcover series.
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The Printed Website

We have launched a three-volume book series that chronologically ranks Low-tech Magzine’s archives from 2007 to 2021. Compared to the website, we have partly rewritten and improved some articles, updated all references, and added more and better images. The series also includes a volume of reader comments on all articles. A fifth volume is in the works.

Available as paperback and hardcover, the books can be ordered in our online bookstore.

  • Low-tech Magazine Volume I (2019) contains 32 articles published between 2007 and 2012, carefully selected for their continued relevance and interest today. The book has 618 pages and 268 images.
  • Low-tech Magazine Volume II (2019) brings together 36 articles published between 2012 and 2018. It contains 704 pages and 257 images.
  • Low-tech Magazine Volume III (2021) has 18 articles published between 2018 and 2021. It counts 368 pages and 183 images.
  • Low-tech Magazine: The Comments (2021) collects almost 3,000 comments on roughly 100 articles that we published between 2008 and 2021. The book has 688 pages and no images.

Thematic Book Series

In 2023, we also launched a thematic book series, with four volumes now available. These books open up Low-tech Magazine’s archive by theme rather than chronologically. Find them in the online bookstore.

Image: Low-tech Magazine: Thematic Books.
Image: Low-tech Magazine: Thematic Books.
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All volumes are also available as ebooks.

Patrons get free access to ebooks.

Image: Low-tech Magazine: Ebook.
Image: Low-tech Magazine: Ebook.
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Physical Book Stores

Low-tech Magazine books are not available on Amazon or other global bookseller websites. Neither will you find them in most bookshops. However, we started to offer them at some locations:

  • Melbourne (Australia). TERRAIN, 101-103 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065, Australia.
  • Barcelona (Spain). AkashaHub, Carrer de la Verneda, 19, Nave 1, Sant Martí, 08018 Barcelona. Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00. Visit upon request: hub [at] akasha [dot] barcelona
  • Brussels (Belgium). Meyboom, Boulevard Pachécolaan 34-2, Brussels. Irregular opening hours. Visit upon request: solar [at] lowtechmagazine [dot] com

Bookstores who like to sell our books can buy at a discount, please contact us at solar [at] lowtechmagazine [dot] com.

Book printing is done on demand, meaning that there are no unsold copies and no large upfront investment costs. Our book distributor works with printers all over the world, so that most copies are produced locally and travel relatively short distances.

It takes a bit longer to receive the book, and because each copy goes straight from printer to client, there is no way for us to control the print quality. After five years and more than 9,000 books sold, we can say that quality is excellent in almost all cases. However, if you receive a copy that is badly printed, you should notify Lulu to get a replacement. It’s usually a smooth process and there’s no need to return the damaged copy. If things don’t work out, please contact us at solar [at] lowtechmagazine [dot] com.