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What is Low-tech Magazine?

Low-tech Magazine underscores the potential of past and often forgotten technologies and how they can inform sustainable energy practices.

Technology has become the idol of our society, but technological progress is—more often than not—aimed at solving problems caused by earlier technical inventions. There is a lot of potential in past and often forgotten knowledge and technologies when it comes to designing a sustainable society. Interesting possibilities arise when we combine old technology with new knowledge and new materials, or when we apply old concepts and traditional knowledge to modern technology.

“Low-tech” is not a noun but an adjective. The dictionary defines it as “not using the latest technologies”, while high-tech is defined as “using the latest technologies”. Consequently, a low-tech mindset is simply one that is critical about new technologies. It refuses to assume that a new technology is inherently better than the one it replaces. A low-tech approach also questions the criteria which make us decide whether or not something is “better” than something else.

Low-tech Magazine was founded in November 2007. Since 2018, the magazine also runs on a solar powered server. The website is also available in Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Polish. Since 2019, LTM also appears in print. Low-tech Magazine publishes at most 12 well-researched stories per year. Sister blog No Tech Magazine brings more regular updates.