Offline Reading

How to view Low-tech Magazine no matter the weather:

1. Print individual articles.

Simply right click on any page and choose “print”. Our print feature puts text, images and web references into a two-column layout that uses less paper.

2. Order the printed website.

We sell a 710-page perfect-bound paperback which contains 37 of the most recent articles from the website (2012 to 2018). A second volume, collecting articles published between 2007 and 2011, will appear later this year.

The books are based on the same electronic documents that make up the solar powered website. Therefore, the content is almost identical. The first volume contains a selection of 159 illustrations.

Printing is done on demand, meaning that there are no unsold copies (and no large upfront investment costs). Our US publisher Lulu.com works with printers all over the world, so that most copies are produced locally and travel relatively short distances. The first book sells for $25.20.

The Printed Website The Printed Website.

3. Download all content to your computer.

Low-Tech Magazine features RSS/Atom feeds which allow you to read our articles when you are off-line. When you subscribe to our feeds with a feed reader, it will download all the articles from the archive.

How to subscribe with an RSS reader?

To use our feeds simply copy the URL of one of our feeds and enter them in a feed reader of your choice:

We also offer our feeds per category:

Update frequency

RSS clients retrieve new articles by connecting to solar.lowtechmagazine.com and polling for changes to the feed. Since we post roughly once a month please set this as your update frequency. By default many feed readers will check every 30 minutes.

What feed reader to use for off-line reading?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a good application to read your e-mail and feeds off-line for GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS and has additional instructions on how to subscribe to feeds.