This website runs on a solar powered server located in Barcelona, and will go off-line during longer periods of cloudy weather. This page shows live data relating to power supply, power demand, and energy storage.


The accessibility of this website depends on the weather in Barcelona, Spain.

Power supply

This is a forecast for the coming days, updated daily:

Power demand

These are live power statistics of the solar powered server:

(* load average per 15 minutes)

a detail of the solar powered server

First prototype of the solar powered server that runs the new website. The solar charge controller (on the right) is powering the server (on the left) through a USB-cable.

Battery meter

The background of this website is a battery meter, designed to always display the relationship of the energy powering the website and the visitor traffic consuming it. From September 20 to October 28, we have been running the website on a 24 Wh Li-Po battery (3.7 V, 6.6 A). That’s enough energy to run the site for 12 to 24 hours, depending on visitor traffic. However, this limited energy storage became problematic as the days got shorter.

Since October 28, we have added approximately half of the lead-acid battery capacity (cut-off voltage is 12.4). This remains a provisional set-up, until we figure out how to measure and display the lead-acid battery capacity on the website. (The battery meter now displays the state of the Li-Po battery).

Eventually, the server will be run on the lead-acid battery alone, using a much smaller Li-Po battery to shut down the server in case of a power shortage. This set-up would keep the website online during one or two days of bad weather, after which it will go off-line.