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The Solar Powered Website in Spanish, French, and Other Languages

During the last months we have been working on transforming Low-tech Magazine into a multilingual publication.

Image: A french translation.
Image: A french translation.
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Many articles had been translated over the years, but they were not easy to find. Now, each language has its own solar powered main page.

The Spanish and French versions are the most complete for now, with respectively 41 and 34 articles online. Dutch, German, Polish and Italian main pages are also available. Some languages also have articles that are not translated into English.

Every language can be accessed by clicking on the globe on the right side of the menu. There are also links to translations in the articles themselves.

Most articles have been translated by volunteers, whose names are mentioned just below the introduction. If you are interested in doing translations, please get in touch. If it concerns a new language, we may also ask you to translate some site elements.

Several languages have their own e-mail newsletter: English, Spanish, French and Dutch. Subscribers will receive a maximum of twelve e-mails per year. There’s a lot more content to add, so stay tuned.

  • Website design and development: Marie Otsuka
  • Content production: Kathy Vanhout
  • See the list of contributors by language


To make a comment, please send an e-mail to solar (at) lowtechmagazine (dot) com. Your e-mail address is not used for other purposes, and will be deleted after the comment is published. If you don’t want your real name to be published, sign the e-mail with the name you want to appear.


Oooooh thank you for that ! French, I’m a huge fan of your work and I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t share more than that :)


gracias amigo. me facilita las cosas ver estos grandes temas en mi idioma.


che piacere scoprire anche l’italiano su questo sito, grazie mille!

Krisztian Gyuris

Do you accept new contributors? I would like to volunteer for Hungarian?

Paweł k.

How about we attempted to use machine-translation for first approximation and crowdsourcing for polishing the result? Idk over using Wiktionary/Wikipedia/wikisource like community and service? I’d think of solution where we don’t put it into public domain but just lease it out for period of doing the service.


if need be, I can help you with the translation of articles from English to French, Estelle


We, a little group of volunteers have already translated one low-tech magazine article about fermentation in Vietnam ( to russian and can translate some more articles because we are really interested in spreading low-tech ideas and checking them in practice. But we didn’t find how to connect with admins so we write here!



thank a lot for this wonderful job from France !

Is it possible to publish all your book in french please ?

i will buy all :D

thank a lot